Security Operations Center (SOC)

Today data is mostly processed and stored through web and networks makes cyber security a rising priority for business life and public management. IntelProbe is a security operations center who offers institutions locally and internationally far-reaching cyber security solutions that will manage security processes with proficiency.

Security Operations Center (S.O.C.) constantly monitors cyber attacks and threats to capture and analyze them to provide detailed identification, analysis and proactive cyber defence.

Antivirus programs, firewalls and similar measures are not sufficient enough to control & protect the IT system and connections of all institutions. It is important to have a specialized unit that controls the whole process by instantly detecting and intervening threats with its technical infrastructure and manpower. Cyber security operations center exists precisely for this. S.O.C.s become a vital necessity as the organizations expand or the technological side of business grows. Financial, technological and all other aspects of infrastructures of industries may partially or fully collapse due to sophisticated cyber attacks. S.O.C. is a senior cyber security formation that is structured to minimize losses of which the cost is unbearable to face.

Thanks to S.O.C.s, advanced detection and intervention is made against threats and attacks and the continuity of cyber safety is preserved.


Why a Security Operations Center (S.O.C.) is necessary?

  • Security risks still continue even when the measures such as Firewall, Antivirus and IDS are taken alone or as a group of security packages. Data on cyber security threats are collected and analyzed through S.O.C. S.O.C. minimizes losses by instantly intervening cyber attacks and threats.
  • Minimizes the errors by constantly continuing: Tracking - Analysis - Detect processes.
  • Prevents system and critical data loss.
  • Controls all the cyber security process by advanced control systems operating 24/7.
  • Secures your network systems.
  • New generation, advanced cyber security operations center. It is brought into being with the expertise coming from IntelProbe’s long-term international cyber security experience. Manages your institution’s cyber security operations with success of its technological infrastructure and manpower. Provides consultancy and protecting services for the establishment of S.O.C. in your institution. Quality is approved with certificates.
IntelProbe CSIRT
Computer Security Incident Response Team
Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC)
New Generation Cyber Intelligence Center
Network Operations Center (NOC)
New Generation Network Operations Center