Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging Solution


General Features

  • Application servers and storage systems of the software will be located at the institution location
    • Cloud services will be provided over the same systems
  • The management software and all source code for the application will be delivered to your organization
    • If required, we can supply the necessary equipment for the system


Security Features

  • End-to-End encryption
  • Encryption principles: RSA-1280 (encryption), ECDSA 256 (signing) / AES 128 / SHA-1, / AES-256 / HMAC-SHA256
  • Login with password on the device, Login with fingerprint, Login with pattern
  • Metadata encryption
  • Keeping the login password on the device
  • Encryption on the Cloud
  • Message encryption on the device
  • User messages cannot be read by the developer and 3rd parties


Security Features

  • Message / content / media encryption during transfer
  • User control of contents (Record, delete, etc.)
  • Message retrieval feature
  • Confidential messaging (user-encrypted messaging area)
  • Remote application data can be deleted if device is lost
  • Prevent screen capture
  • Prevent transmission of shared content


Key Features

  • Instant Messaging / Group Messaging
  • Voice / Video Call
  • Voicemail
  • Video Conference
  • File Transfer
  • Desktop Application
  • Cloud and Local Synchronization
  • Cloud / Local Archive
  • Offline Usage
  • Location Sharing
  • User Blocking
  • Media Gallery
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Automatic Update


Supported Platforms

Missile Defence
Missile Defence
Body Scanner
Body Scanner
GNSS/GPS Jamming Firewall
GNSS/GPS Jamming-Spoofing Firewall