Quality and Customer Policy


Intelprobe’s products fulfills the requirements for their pre-defined purposes and are in conformance with agreed international standards or specifications as regards to product quality. We also take great pride in how we carry out our business regarding our products and services with employees who are empowered to resolve any questions, doubts or issues expeditiously and effectively.


Our primary goals are to:

  • Strive for the highest quality of our services,
  • Develop effective, unique and smart products
  • Help the cyber environment to be safer
  • Keep our customers and employees secure
  • Sustain the reputation of Intelprobe and its customers



Our understanding of quality assurance embraces smart product design, regulations or compliance testing, a good management; recruitment and employee training, customer service, branding and marketing. We monitor and assist through all processes to verify that our products and/or services are fit for their intended purpose and fully completes the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Analyzing the needs of our customers and planning a process framework accordingly
  • Giving full consideration to the requests and concerns of our customers
  • Assiduous communication and advises for all processes regarding our products and services are followed through with clear results.


Because it is Intelprobe’s policy and responsibility to provide excellent service to all its customers.

You can send your message to customer@intelprobe.com.tr in order to evaluate all your opinions, suggestions and complaints independently.

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