Profiling Analyticx(PaX)

Profiling Analytix (PAx) 

  • Profiling Analytix (PAx) is a hybrid data profiling platform. Our main goal is to implement an end-to-end data analysis tool for organizations. To achieve this, we use a wide range of technologies. For example; TensorFlow Machine Intelligence Framework, Hadoop, Kafka, StreamSets.
  • PAx main modules
    • Data Pipeline Module
    • Data Search & Visualization Module
    • Graph Module
    • Log Analysis Module
    • Artifical Intelligence Module
    • Media Analysis Module
    • Crime Analytics Module
  • You can manage your big data no matter where it is stored. Connect your data source to PAx (Profiling Analytix) and start working on it. Yes, all kind of data! (Structural, Semi-structural or Unstructured)
  • Perform comprehensive data analysis (with NRT support) to make predictions. If you don't want do that, you can let our AI make it for you. (Time Series, Anomaly Detection, Decision Tree, Text Analytics etc.)
  • PAx (Profiling Analytix) offers you advanced graph analysis options.
  • PAx can work fully-integrated with Data Cube Big Data Platform.


Hybrid solution by combining the positive aspects of data warehouse