GNSS/GPS Jamming Firewall


Our GNSS Analysis System cyber alert security softwares are specifically designed for airport and border security and can be used to instantaneously warn aircrafts and or law enforcers in case of Jamming or Spoofing.

Our devices, which will be placed at certain locations, will instantly detect false signals accordingly to GNSS receiver performance and the range between the devices. Followingly, the information about where the false signal is being sent from will be determined and reported in real time. 
Moreover, if the false signal is signed in a format that is lawful and recognised internationally, it will pave the way for informative and political processes.

All devices will perform real time analysis on the data caught at a central defined location with the help of sensors located at certain places in Turkey. As a finalization of the analysis, a heat map of Turkey or a defined area in GNSS data will be created in real time to provide intelligence and suggestions.



Abnormality detection

Blocks all Spoofing and Jamming attacks made within the GPS radius. All threats are analysed within the satellite level and in different types (location, altitude, speed, time, signal quality) and both written and visual records are signed and kept for a extended period of time.


NTP Verification

All abnormality detected GPS data is verified with almost 0% false rate due to the local time provided by the NTP processor


User friendly interface

Web based and CLI based interfaces can be provided for the devices or the management of the devices. GPS settings can be configured and Remote Management can be activated on HTTPS protected pages.


Fully integrable with existing GNSS antennas and systems

Map data between the fixed location and location where the abnormality is detected

Fully compatible with any GNSS receiver

Abnormality alarm support (email, LED, Buzzer)

Real time or retroactive log screening

Legally valid log record signature support

Interface screening

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