• Data Cube is a big data platform that offers hybrid solution by combining the positive aspects of data warehouse and data lake systems in its own special big data structure.
  • Main Modules
    • DataOps Module (ETL / ELT)
    • Big Data Module
    • Integration Module (for Cloud and External Systems)
    • Data Statistics Module
    • Data Management Module
    • Data Compliance Module
  • Data Cube helps you automate your ETL process with DataOps module.
  • You can continue to benefit from the expertise of your existing staff with HDFS, MapReduce, Spark, Hive support.
  • You can perform Excel simplicity operations on your big data and print in formats such as PDF, XLS, CSV etc.
  • With the Data Compliance module, you can ensure that the data in your organization complies with regulations.
  • You can store up to 4 Petabytes of data per Data Node.
  • If you prefer DataVortex Storage Servers developed by us, you can manage Exabyte-scale data.
  • Data Cube offers Intel SGX support.
Profiling Analyticx(PaX)
Profiling Analyticx(PaX)